Process vs. Immediate

Let’s be real! We are an instant generation, living in a fast paced world. We drink our instant coffee and eat our instant oats while we shout at the traffic lights because it takes longer than 60 seconds to change. Have we boxed the speaking of God into our instant filter? What immediate answers are you seeking from God? What do you want Him to fix right now?

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In his book “Dealing with Difficult Situations… the Processing of the Lord” #DWDS Pastor Wayne Brown describes who we are by default, he says “The nature in all humans is to acquire things quickly without the growth and development necessary to access what is rightfully theirs. This is not the nature of Christ; everything done by God is done via a process.” In his book he explains that it is God’s desire for us to enter into relationship with Him.

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In the book we learn that it is through these difficult situations and circumstances we get the opportunity to enter into relationship with God. When you read chapter 2 of “Dealing with Difficult Situations: The Processing of the Lord”, you will gain insight into how God processes us through the circumstances, situations, and crises we encounter in life’s journey.  Have you been through a difficult situation, or currently going through a difficult situation? What new sight of God did you gain in your difficult situation? What is the nature of your transaction?

Process vs. Immediate;

Find joy in your process! Seek God and follow His voice!



  • karen ince

    My thoughts truly resonate with what Ayanah shared. Just today I was musing on the sovereignty of God, and on how aware He is of the exact outcome or the end of the process that I am currently engaged in. I was really comforted by that thought. God is all about the ‘end game’; yes, He’s concerned about my process, but His ultimate goal is what is produced in the end. In that moment as well I was reminded that its all about Him; what He wants in relation to His grand divine purposes and will. So although I may not know the details of how I will arrive at that end, I rest assured that I am submerged in His will even as He displays His sovereignty in all that concerns me. I am happy to cede control and authority to such a God that has drawn so close to me.

    • Avril Fox-Pooran

      Hmmm.. Interesting thoughts and what God is looking for at the end is to see whether we have His stamp of validation, which is the process that we engaged in to get there. Remember God has shown us that many will arrive at the end without the accurate process and He will reject them. Matt 7:21-23 tells us of many who arrived at the end and God never knew them because what they did on their way to Him was inaccurate. They never did His will, engaged in His principles or laws hence they never had His stamp of validation (the accurate process)and God never knew them. While God is interested in us at the end it’s the process that holds more weight, ultimately approves us and allows access into His presence.

  • Ayanah

    I state a quote from the book, “God is not wicked, He is sovereign”. Sometimes when the challenges of life hit one after the next, we can feel like God has forgotten us, that we are being punished. This reminded me that God’s plans for us are always good. Even if we perceive the process to be hard, difficult or challenging. Sovereign God is well aware of all the details before, during and after your circumstance. I am reminded to rest assured that everything resolves itself in Him. A very comforting thought.

  • Treston

    This book redefines the richness of my process, taking me back to my journey with my community and some difficult situations I’ve been through.God has definitely shifted my position in him ,so the term i had was “my process” this showed me that we all share the same process just as christ and he got through his, so can we.

  • Sharlayne

    Isa.43:1-3 comforts me, knowing that God didn’t just throw me into a process and left me to fend for myself,He is in the midst of my process. He doesn’t want to harm me but to teach,shape and allow me to grow,to become more like Him. 🙂
    Reading this book makes me take a look back at situations I’ve faced where I’ve gone through the process properly and situations where I didn’t respond correctly. I see the difference in my relationship and understanding of God.

  • Genelle Salandy Haynes

    In the midst of my processing the aim is not knowing the end result but getting to know the nature of God, that He is sovereign and that I can trust in Him. He is the one creating the situation so that I will come into greater sight of him. I am not alone He is guiding me and protecting me in the midst of it and will move anything to bring me to the place He wants me at but I must give myself to the process and partner with Him and only then I will be the woman He wants.
    In the midst of my processing the aim is not knowing the end result but getting to know the nature of God, that He is sovereign and that I can trust in Him. He is the one creating the situation so that I will come into greater sight of him. I am not alone He is guiding me and protecting me in the midst of it and will move anything to bring me to the place He wants me at but I must give myself to the process and partner with Him and only then I will be the woman He wants.

  • Karina Pooran

    Realizing that difficult situations are meant to be a process for me to mature spiritually brought a level of comfort and even joy in the midst of what seemed like a hopeless battle to me. Where I would find myself in despair about a particular thing, I now find myself seeking out God, trying to figure out what He wants me to build in my life.

    So, for me, these situations helped me to see God as not only a God who keeps me from tough problems but a God who guides me through them as well; He is my Deliverer, Teacher and my Father who loves me and He is faithful in all things. Jer 29:11, Psalm 36:5 and the many verses in the Bible that speak of His love have helped to remind me of God’s perfect and holy will for me amidst life’s difficulties.

  • Thecla

    My desire is to be more and more like Christ, and this requires a process. In the natural anything that is processed changes into a different state over time, more refined and useful. I look back now at past processing and I rejoice, in the same way I want to be able to look back at my current process with joy. Therefore I give myself to the process, because by faith the end will be good if I continue to hear and obey Him.

  • Marc

    Firstly God does everything via a process and once we partner or journey with him for a long period of time he will shape and redefine us into his image so in the end we can represent him accurately.

  • Seona Silcott

    God does things in sequence and with a strategic plan. There are so many things in my life I want God to fix right now; but after reading chapter 2 of SE’s book. “The joy of looking back” and now being able to have a full defintion of what elevated sight is about. It has made me come to understand that dealing with a difficult situation and viewing it from God’s point that I never had the right to tell Him what to do and how He can go about bringing me out from the situation. The scripture that stood out to me was Exodus 23:27 little by little until you have your increase” The easier you gain your wealth the leas good it will do to you. I’m slowly coming to that place where I am understanding He has the right to bring adjustments to my thoughts, attitudes how I handle people, situations and things around me. Looking back with gratitude for what God has been able to accomplish in my life. Coming out from the state where I had to rid my mind of concepts that I had a free will but have learned to give it back to God to truly accomplish his purposes. There are a few adjustments to be made still, the importance of personal death and letting His voice be familiar to my ears.

  • onelia

    Well for me I strongly understood that when u r in a battle or process christ must be the number priority in my life to lead me through the situations of this world and I am not to lax but to stay focus at all times to strive to maturity with a strong heart

  • onelia

    I am really gathering many thing from this community and it shows me how that I am not alone in my process but I have my community family there with me and God to pull me through to maturity but I used to think that once you are in christ there would not be any trouble but i was wrong its shows me that I not to lax but to fight spiritually for the sake of God because he wants me with a mature attitude regardless the situation

  • Ann Marie

    processing= development= maturity

    • Ann Marie Ramgattie

      Processing= Development= Maturity.

      I find this equation so relevant to me. Life on the whole can be difficult, but with God in my equation, it does change my perspective. It like i gain a greater understanding of this ‘God’ through the hardness of this life, and even better i grow up, as my attitudes and preferences shift toward those desires God has of me, even in that moment of drought and despair,
      i will be a fool to say it was so easy with all these attitude adjustments, but it wasn’t. There were many a temper tantrum just like a kid in a candy store who wants to eat all the candy there is on offer. While Dad (GOD) teaches about restraint, because if i got my way i would have ended up sick from that sugar rush. I apply this perspective now to my life as i continue to grow up more each day with Him, I can say with out a doubt it was worth it to gain a greater understanding of God through the dry seasons in life.

  • Bernadette

    My challenge was using the computer. People would always say it was easy but I found it difficult. An opportunity presented itself at Ytepp and I enrollled into a Data Operations Level 1 Course. Now I am engaging the process and I have found that it is not difficult because I am understanding what I am doing and it’s a joy. Imagine I can now help others by actually typing a step by step process on how to enter Microsoft Access data.

    • Jo-ann Parris

      So true. We can find God in the simple things in life. At first glance something can look so hard, but as I give myself to go through the process, the thing is still what it is, but my sight of it through the eyes of God gives me the grace needed to engage it as Holy Spirit expects me to. Everything God allows in my life comes with His strength to finish well, and has a wider purpose which is to help others around me to not have to struggle in an area that I have gone through earlier in my life.

  • Kathleen

    I see him as my father giving me a peace and assurance to overcome any battle that I may have to face. I follow all his command by being obedient and waiting on him. He gives me strength, hope, faith and to know he is sovereign and in complete control.

  • Karen Nandaram

    I have having many health challenges and exercise is key to overcoming them. My issue was having a start and stop attitude. I am finding joy in seeing the changes as I deal with this giant of start and stop.

  • Ann Marie

    The first thing I recognize is that we can’t depend upon our own reasoning to work on our problems. I have to continually depend upon the Holy Spirit. This might be talking with someone who is spiritually mature in God. I have developed patience as a result, I am able to trust God more and as a result I am becoming more Christ like.

  • Germaine Arthur

    The power of reflexive obedience cannot be understated. When God speaks to us during our process, listen! Do not second guess. Do not try to rationalise. Note: His timing will not always coincide with ours, but it is always perfect.

  • Danielle G

    Isa 43:1-3 Reassures us that God has called us, He knows us. Since He is Alpha and Omega He knows that we will engage in different challenges in life. However, He reiterates that He is with us and we will not be overwhelmed by situations or unable to deal with them. As believers in Christ, His grace is sufficient for all things in our daily operations.
    I am encouraged to journey more into Christ likeness because His Word is truth. It never falls to the ground or returns void to Him. He says that the rivers shall not overflow us and we shall not be burnt; so by faith we deal with our life’s circumstances because He is on our side. As we journey accurately, He will defend us and keep us!

  • Kathleen

    I see him as my father giving me a peace and assurance to overcome any battle that I may have to face. I follow all his command by being obedient and waiting on him. He gives me strength, hope, faith and to know he is sovereign and in complete control.

  • Jemma

    It is clear to me even more that the devil is a  distraction, he entices  you with short cuts so that you can abort your process. I was thinking about crime which is rampant in this country as an example of aborting process for immedate gratification. The gains are enticing but at what cost. When we are made to work for our hearts’ desires we are allowed the peace and environment to enjoy the fruits of our labour, it cannot be  taken away from us. God wants to enrich us but he wants us to work through a process so we can appreciate the gifts he wants to give us and similarly the devil cannot take away what God has gifted us.  In my own context I feel i have to apply this to every aspect of my life.

  • George Holder

    Hi all, after reading all of the comments i see one thing and that one thing is despite what ever difficult situations comes my way i must understand that it is never to harm me and i must keep focus on the price, becoming like Christ is my price and i am in a process, God never promise us that life will be a bed of roses and we all see clearly in the scriptures where all the patriarchs went thorough great processes and held out to the very end,so i will not allow situations to distract my walk with God instead as James 1:2 says to consider it all as pure joy when ever these difficult situation comes, the scripture that comes to me is Genesis 49 :14 that says Issachar is a rawboned donkey lying down between two saddlebags, when he sees how good his resting place and how pleasant is his land ( this is elevated sight ) he embrace his process he bend his shoulders to the burden and submit to forced labor, just knowing that once i engage my process accurately with elevated sight seeing how good is my resting place and how pleasant is my land then God is working it out for his good pleasure.

  • Danielle Ganga

    Life is a process and it stands to reason that everything happens over a period of time. We have been duped into thinking that everything now can be obtained instantly because of man’s clever distortion of truth. Are we truly satisfied with the immediate obtaining of things or do we consider the repercussions or consequences of our actions in the long run?

    There is always scientific evidence to suggest that the abortion of one stage of a process in the maturity of something is detrimental. So, for example, the creation of quickly developed chickens for consumption has added to our increase in diseases for human beings. Ironically, the very notion of this does not stop us from consumption until we have to deal with adverse health.

    James 5:7….See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. This very analogy indicates that there is a process for growth, development, fruition and maturity. If the stages of growth and development do not take place, underdevelopment or abortion can occur. Additionally, if the plant receives no rain or water, it will simply die. Therefore all the necessary conditions for the plant must be available so that it will produce. Conclusively, the very nature of life indicates a process for all things, absolutely nothing that is immediate is successful.

  • Elvis Mark

    What stood out to me
    Is knowing the fact that God’s intent is never to harm me. Although I may face difficult circumstances during my process, I must have elevated sight to see beyond it and why God is allowing it to happen.
    I must pathner with him all the way to the finish and never drop my standard throughout my journey with christ.

  • Russel Greene

    I remember growing up and experiencing situations which felt extremely difficult as the author stated, I realize it was all a process and they were used to teach me how to fight. I had to redefine my starting context and see myself in Christ, and realize that I was in Him before the foundation of the earth, therefore no one did me any-thing that was not permissible, it was all for my good. Rom 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose”. It was the architecture of God for my life, and different once were used to accomplish His purpose in me. They meant it for evil but God meant it for Good.

  • Karen Lawrence-Ince

    Waiting is real hard guys, especially if you have absolutely no idea of when the situation would break. But I received comfort in the fact that God said to Israel, I have called you by my name; you are mine (Isa. 43:1), as we were reminded in the book. I am also reminded that God has no intention of harming me; He will be with me in the midst of the process. This forces me to discount what I believe I know and the competence I feel I have to deal with situations and just bury myself into Him who owns me. I really have zero control over matters that concern me. The more I acknowledge that, the more I learn to wait, and inside of the process He teaches me the importance of depending on Him and partnering with Him. So though it’s hard and painful at times, I know that I am being made into a better person that is more in sync with His current movement and purposes. I’m also drawing inspiration from looking forward to looking back as SE did.

    • Joshua Stapleton

      Yes this is very true.In addition we need to have the right posture in the midst of our processing. The issue of just totally relying on God , being patient (not wanting instantaneous results) and just focusing on His true intent , instead of cluttering our sight with the predicaments that we may be going true. We need to truly focus our gaze and to take our time and track to see what God wants in the midst of our process,so He can craft and emerge structures within us. This is a key component to our spiritual maturity that we need to embrace to fulfil His intent.

  • Jo-ann Parris

    Mc Cleish’s last sentence got my attention. It is like entering a door and waiting there for something to happen or thinking well I am okay, but my perspectives on life will only be changed as I explore the house for ways in Christ that I need to take on –otherwise what’s it all for. The sinner’s prayer is not enough to keep me from the ravages of life; I have to now work out my salvation, find out what God says about me and discover His nature on a daily basis. The Holy Spirit enters our lives full of purpose and promise that we need to both explore and partner with. What stands out to me from chap 2 is that when God speaks, he backtracks and leads us into a process of discovery of who He is for many years, giving us opportunity to become the person necessary to steward what was promised. We must be patient, because the process is always meant to make us better humans.

    • Cedric Parris

      The issue of elevated sight – it is not primarily intended for us to know the location of pot-hole or potential obstacles but rather to be aware of the ‘with you-ness of God’

      There are some obstacles God will want me to navigate around, such as making poor decisions regarding – Job selection etc

      There are however some decisions he will allow us to make, in such instances we see the finish – then he allows me to enter a process that will build and fortify my inner-man so that the requisite grace, favor and compassion can be availed through me to deliver someone or a people in a future state. (Consider Joseph) – in this instances Joseph having seen the finish should have be strengthened knowing that his sovereign God will see me through.

  • Frank Stapleton

    The thing that impacted me on this is the issue of elevated sight.

    It clearly shows that the kingdom of God is diametrically opposite to human and the systemic thinking.

    This indicated to me that God is always interested about the thing inside the thing. Difficult situations always carry negative connotations, this is how the natural minds and systems taught us. When within God’s unseen architecture difficult situations are designed to cause transformation to take place within us as we accurately engage with such situation.

    This is why the scriptures in James 1:2 admonishes us to” consider it pure joy, brothers whenever you face trials of many kinds” (The joy of the Lord is our strength, therefore these things are designed to strengthen us)

    This has really impacted me and gave me an assurance that no matter what may come across my path God is working it for His good pleasure.

    • Avril Fox-Pooran

      Yes, Frank I agree. What you described there is a stance or posture that we must have. It is a significant aspect of our maturity in Him.

    • Errol

      Yes.Our life consists of trials

    • George Holder

      This is so true , God promise to us is that he will never give us more than we could bear, also where ever
      I am he is with me I also understand that nothing happened on earth unless he allows it, so when ever difficult situations comes my path I know its all God and he will not hurt me so I embrace what ever the situation is and continue to trust God and know that he will see me through with greater strength

  • Deborah Nanan

    God is never in a hurry. He is always on time,this has been my experience while journeying with God,many times I seek God for a particular thing and have to wait over a very long period of time, but in the waiting period I have learnt to trust Him more and have the right attitude,I am the one in need He has the answer and the resources that I am asking for,so wait upon Him,no matter how long it takes, He will work it out in His timing.

    • Keston

      I must agree Deborah……God is never in a hurry!

      According to the author, this present generation has really processed our thought patterns and lifestyle to desire everything in an instant manner. This is the reason people are discouraged and disillusioned when they don’t receive breakthrough from God immediately. To me, its design to cause me to only focus on the breakthrough and not embrace the ‘process’, hence missing God. I remember sharing in the earlier blog my challenge as it related to trying to land a ‘stable job’ and the frustration it brought but when I pulled back, I was able to see God was teaching management, contentment, patience etc. We/I all have to be mindful of the environment that says…..’instant life’ and embrace process!

      • McCleish Haynes

        As both Deborah and Keston would have stated to truly get a greater insight into the heart and mind of God it is via a process. I am reminded of all the patriarchs in the bible as they went through the process and took careful note of what was God intent, what was he after and how he was developing them, they were able to have true intimate relationship with God. For me, I notice if things are instant, I don’t have a full appreciation for it but when it is a process, I value it – Prov 20:21. I have receive salvation instantly but to get to have an intimate relationship with God and truly know him requires me to engage in an ongoing process.

        • Wayne Brown

          Process is truly in the nature of God. He could have created the world in one big bang but chose to do it via a process. Six (6) days it took; each day doing new work and evaluating the quality of what was done. Even to enter into time He used a process i.e. he was born of a woman and grew in stature and favour with God over 30 years.

          When we consider the process of a tree which starts as a seed, the seed must die (be buried in the ground) before it starts to grow. Subsequently there’s exposure to the elements and the tree has to endure attacks from insects and pests in its early stages. Then it becomes dependant on someone to nurture and care for it or else it may die in the season of drought. But once that tree becomes mature its roots are so deep in the ground that neither drought or pest can affect it.

          When we find ourselves in difficult situations, the right response is to bury ourselves deeper into Christ and into His Word. Die to self and be determined to grow in God which takes time. Eventually you will become strong and the negative influences of the darkness will no longer affect you. IT”S ALWAYS A PROCESS!

          • Russell Haynes

            According to the author of the book in reference to seed I see their lives as a Seed and I am in the process of following their life patterns (as clearly outlined in the book ) knowing that trials will come but I must push through all of the attacks to come to a place of completion in God purposes.

    • Anna-Leigh Brown

      Deborah, you mentioned the whole fact of having the right attitude in the waiting process which is something very crucial. It’s so important that we don’t complain or get frustrated. We can pretend we’re okay but God sees our heart. I have been learning to ensure that my posture towards Him is accurate.