The Sovereignty of God: His Perfect Timing

Facing Joblessness? Dealing with a medical condition or some problem with no possible end in sight? Have you ever prayed about it and felt like God hasn’t heard you? You are not alone!

Perfect Timing

I’m sure everyone can relate to this. In fact, even Joseph and Paul felt like this, but it was part of their processing. God deliberately designed their processes in this manner so that He could build the right internal posture in them. Both Joseph and Paul had to migrate internally from a place of pride to one of humility, before God could have effectively use them for His works.


In his book “Dealing with Difficult Situations… the Processing of the Lord” Wayne Brown reminds us that “God is always perfect when it comes to timing.” He is not random or arbitrary, nor is He wicked. He is our Sovereign Lord — The Alpha and Omega! He knows the exact beginning and end of our lives.


In the midst of your circumstances, God is building His nature on the inside of you; He is calling you to a higher standard, a more developed or spiritually matured version of yourself.


Consider these:

  • How has God expressed His Sovereign Nature in the midst of your circumstance?
  • What does the new version of you look like?



  • Sharlayne

    I have never thought that God was wicked, I was taught that God has a reason for everything he does, but I would question God and fuss.Why God? How come this happened? Why me?
    The author is correct in saying that many of us find God when we are faced with difficult situations. Looking back at the situations I’ve faced and where I was, I can see God’s perfect timing and His sovereignty. He taught me that his strength is made perfect in my weakness, connections that led me to giving over my life to Christ, hardships that are now teaching me to depend on God in a different way, disputes that brought me closer to God. Each time I see God in a new way.
    Even in my current situation, I may not be where I want but God has me where he needs me to be and while I’m there he’s building me and strengthening me and revealing himself to me and others. My comfort is Romans 8:28-30.

  • Anju Ramsamooj

    I know that god has me in an ongoing process and once I obey and align myself to his principles and walk in his ways he will continue being by my side.

    Every difficult situation that I have gone through has turned out better than I ever imagined possible. God only gives you as much as you can handle. He knows each one of us and he knows what we can deal with and what we can’t and how much we can take.

    I thank god everyday for His sovereignity.

  • Ayanah

    There are no short cuts. I am reminded that the best way to get to any destination in God, is through divine processing. It is really the process that prepares me for function at my destination. I too take comfort knowing that all things resolve in Him and that His plans for me are always good.

  • Gemma Salandy

    Yes Jemma, all things resolves itself in God. It is often hard to see how a difficult situation would turn out, but I have seen through the years that God always worked things out for my good. As I look back there is not one time that I can say that God failed, in fact he often left me in awe and humbled at what he has done.

    One thing I realise is that going through my difficult places have always made me more sensitive to others needs, so even though my flesh was hurting, internally I was becoming more like Christ. This indicates that the seemingly hard places, were really God’s processing

  • Ann Marie Ramgattie

    The New version of me Is Stillness,
    it easier said than done, but it a point we all have to reach to allow the Holy Spirit to partner with us.
    The Scripture verse where it said “My strength is made perfect in my weakness” 2 Corinthian 12 v 9 mean to me that the more difficult situation arise suddenly and unexpected,
    the more my desires for resolution and restoration is quelled,
    in order for that thing God is after in me Gets birthed i.e (a strengthened spirit-man that can wage war with prayer and declaring God word it too my difficult times. )
    My maturity will be when, difficult times come, but i find that Joy and confidence in knowing,
    that God is Sovereign and He’s ordering my steps…..

  • Clarise Rooplal

    I am learning that I must partner with God if I am to see His purposes accomplished in my life. One thing I am sure of, is that He will keep his end of the bargain, He will NEVER go back on his word it is for me to come into alignment and not abort my process. So I depend on the Holy Spirit to help me.

  • Jemma Antoine

    As I read the various comments I am reminded that dealing with difficult situations can be the most difficult thing to do if we try to do it on our own. So many times I have questioned God about difficulties in my life. Why God, why, what did I do? And so many times the enemy would let me know exactly what I did! Thank God through it all I have learnt to trust Him and His Sovereign power to do exactly what He wants done. The situations didnt always work out the way I wanted and at times I was wonderfully surprised.

    Recently I had a very difficult situation at work and I saw how the hands of the Lord came in the midst of it and I was in tears. I remember one of my favourite scripture verses Rom 8:28; And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose”KJV. This tells me that God is Sovereign and all things resolve itself in Him, no matter how long it takes or how difficult it seems.

    I am also reminded of Isa 54:17 that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. God has a purpose and His timing is perfect in bringing it to pass. I need to understand what His purpose is for my life, get on board, in other words partner with Him, be obedient and He will do the rest. As our lives change we are able to impact those around us.

  • Jaziz

    God had a reason to keep to keep Joseph for two more years, which says God has a reason for everything. God is Alpha and Omega, He also has a plan for everyone of us. He never makes mistakes and knows what He is doing.

    • danielleg

      I absolutely agree…we must believe in and trust His sovereignty.

      • Thecla

        I agree with you guys the word of God says it like this in Jeremiah 29:11For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. 12 In those days when you pray, I will listen. 13 If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.

  • Amisha

    God takes time to fully make us mature and righteous, getting rid of all the bad seeds that might be growing inside of us. God knows how much time it would take to cleanse us. During all the situations where it might be difficult to deal with, we must remember that God has something great in store for us. God knows that during hard times, we would become strong in him. We should always keep believing that God will help us because He is a loving and caring God and once we pray, he will always be there for us.

  • Hannah

    God leaves you in your situation to make your future right and successful. Only God knows the future. If your troubles are lifted before God wanted it to be you will have a problem in your future. When you are going through a difficult situation know that God is in the midst of it and later on when He is ready everything will fall in place.

    • Avril Fox-Pooran

      Yes, we must be patient! In times of difficult situations, shortcuts are always presented which may look like very “good” ideas but we must examine each of them against the protocols presented in the Word of God and we also inquire of God to see if they line up with His principles and practices. For example, a friend might be in financial difficulties due to the recession in ur country. He may have lost his job. Do you steal resources from your company to help him out? Perhaps photocopying paper, toiletries etc. Do you encourage him to start gambling? NO! He must recognise the sovereignty of God in the midst of this too and engage in activities that line up with God’s word otherwise his process could be aborted and he will have to go through another process to learn what God is trying to teach him in the midst of this. This was why Israel was in the desert for 40 yrs. Being consistent in our walk with God and understanding God sovereignty in the midst of difficult situations is key!

      • Thecla

        So true Avril, I was looking at the news last night: a prisoner who had one week before he was released from prison escaped and was captured and now his time is increased by two years. The reason he gave is that he was fed up of being locked up. That is in the natural, imagine if we make rash decisions because we are fed up of the process, just like the children of Israel and the prisoner our process will be exponentially increased. Therefore, I choose to trust God and walk consistently in righteousness in the midst of my process, because I know he is making me into what He wants and I partner with Him..

  • Japhia

    Jesus will come at the right time. This tells me that God will resolve and intervene in my situation whenever He sees it fit because there is something that God is trying to tech me by taking me through this process. If God lets me escape my process early (or when I want to escape) I will not learn or get a chance to adopt the principles God wants to teach me and I will become filled with pride, not giving God any glory or dues.

    I must learn to trust God and glorify Him during and after my process no matter how taxing and difficult my process may seem. It is important for me to remember that the difficulty of my hardships is determined by the greatness of the things that God has in store for me.

    • Leah Ramgattie

      That’s true Japhia….God wants partnership with us and even during the difficult times, He wants us to always seek His intent which helps to regulate our response; at the end of the day we want to dignify our process in becoming more like Him.

      • Jo-ann Parris

        So very true! Borrowing this phrase…’regulate my response.’ Such a beautiful thing when the works of Holy Spirit are allowed to unfold in my life.

    • Jemma Antoine

      Yes Japhia, the quick fix is not the best thing because we would not have learnt anything. Faced with the same situation at another time we will not know which way to go…thats exactly what caused the children of Isarael to “wonder” for 40 years

  • Janel

    Be vigilant and obedient to what is happening around you because God is trying to make you come close to him. A long time ago, I thought God was wicked! But reading this blog, I realise it is building me. I think about it and things started to work out.

  • Micah

    God is not wicked he just has you in a process. Just like what he did with Joseph for years before blessing him massively. God always has a plan for your life and he places you into difficult situations so that he will be exalted at the end of it all.

    • Thecla

      He is absolutely not he is just, holy, righteous….yes he has a good plan, beyond our ambitions and dreams.

  • Leah Ramgattie

    I recall a particular circumstance in the past and I remembered asking God to work out a situation in a particular way and it seems as though it was simply not moving. Of course in my humaness, I was experiencing some measures of frustration. The Holy Spirit instructed me to change my prayer and I began to cry out for Him to switch off “my desires, how I wanted to see the situation” and replace them with His Sovereign will. Soon after the peace and joy of God flood my heart and I was able to see the situation with elevated sight and learn to hold all things lightly. He showed His fatherly nature yet very instructive in my process…like Ephraim He held my hand and taught me how to walk through the situation.
    My interface with the Sovereignty of God is building patience, compassion and faith for real & I can trust His timing, His ways, His thoughts, His plan & above all the intent of His heart towards me.

  • Diana Griffith

    I remember the advertisement that says life takes VISA. For me, life takes faith and determination; it is me trusting and believing in God and his promises. Jeremiah 29:11 has been my all-time favourite because in it, God says his plans are not to harm me but to give me a hope and a future. This comforts me and that comforting nature of God carries me; His warfaring nature teaches me to fight. He has brought me through many challenges and I know he will continue to do so. He is indeed sovereign!

    • Avril Fox-Pooran

      That is so true! Sometimes we are trusting God for a promotion on our jobs and other things and we become impatient and frustrated but it is God who has allowed the situation in our lives since nothing can occur without His knowledge of it. Sometimes He is teaching us patience and timing; at other times how to war to come out of it, or many other things but once we understand this, even our declarations and warring in the midst of it comes with greater strength. We just have to be consistent.

  • Deborah Nanan

    In the midst of my circumstance God has expressed His Sovereign nature to me by being right there at my side. I think about Daniel 3 :20 In the bible. When Shadrach Meshach and Abednego who was bound and thrown into the blazing furnace, and how God preserve their lives, So to God has been with me in my difficulties, upholding and sustaining me while journeying. And now the new version of me is beginning to look a bit more like Him.because I continue to trust and depend upon Him. He has become my everything.

  • Seona Silcott

    God has expressed His sovereign nature in the midst of my circumstances all the time; no matter how long it took at some point in time I would learn to let go and let God, but it was because of my stubbornness and my mentality expecting Him to be a superhero to me exactly when I wanted Him to be and how I wanted Him to be. Life is not fair but God is faithful. Knowing that God will leave me in a predicament to help me develop; I’ve learned that when it comes to making adjustments in my life to make it right away and not procrastinate because most of it evaporates or I might forget. I can honestly say trusting in His sovereignty was very hard, not knowing what my life will be like tomorrow yet I make plans. Knowing that He brought me out of many difficult situations in the past, He is more than able to do it now. The new versions of me looks like the writings of Habakkuk. Even if everything that is normal and predictable collapse I would still rejoice in the midst of my chaos and darkness, for I know in the midst of this I find God and He continues to give me strength. Gods sovereignty defines my faith and surely nothing happens in my life that is outside His will, All situations resolve themselves in Him.

    • charmaine

      I agree Seona. It’s purposely SETTING your mind to honor God’s sovereign design in all situations. This is what has given me strength in those difficult chaotic times—-believing in the perfect plan of God and setting my heart to honor Him and not complain, no matter what.